Same Story


'did you know that rabbits have white butts
to confuse predators?
as the rabbit runs away,
the predator zeroes in on the bright white.
when the rabbit quickly changes direction
they seemingly disappear.'

Our bodies are described as temples, battlegrounds, playing fields. To be worshipped, weaponised, or toyed with. And yet, we are still telling the same stories over and over again. This raw and vulnerable collection explores the complexities of autonomy and intimacy as experienced in a body assigned female at birth, and the long-lasting effects of early messages about relationships and self-worth. Same Story is a hopeful meditation on healing, and how we learn to live with trauma through connection and tenderness.

"Joyous and proud in being uncompromising and brutal. There is real fire here, there will be burns. And so now I understand what they say by 'searing'. A razor sharp and bright as Polaris collection." – Rick Dove, UK Slam Champion 2021 and author of Tales From the Other Box and Supervillain Origin Story

"Joyful and hungry; a moving, kind, and powerful exploration of the tangled and sweaty rules of how we live and survive in our bodies. Same Story explores the joys and sorrow of being made of flesh and feelings and fluids and regrets and hope and space for more. It unpicks the endless lies we are told about our bodies, pulls back the duvet on shame, and lets us just be present with it in the moment." – Fran Bushe, author of My Broken Vagina

"A fucking linguistic masterpiece. Spanning moments of doubt, to instances of self-affirmation and empowerment, Kayla courageously articulates a chronology of work that explores the complexities and nuances of their self-discovery. Whether you can relate to Kayla’s experience or not, Same Story is a must read for those either new to contemporary poetry, or for those readily appreciative of authentic and introspective verse” – Hunter Poetry, Stonewall Housing ambassador and co-founder of The Big Queer Poetry Show

“Same Story effortlessly straddles the personal and political, navigating grief, friendship, misogyny, sex and family histories with an impressive deftness. It is at once a feminist manifesto and one of those sprawling late-night conversations with a friend where you discuss anything and everything, all wrapped up in a gorgeous poetry collection. Feldman’s ever-present and beguiling voice moves through vulnerability, rage, comic bafflement and sage optimism, often creating an impression of barely contained chaos which is often neatly punctured by a wry insight about reality TV or group chats. Charming, exuberant and wickedly incisive.” – Rebecca Cooney, author of Where The Lights Come On

"Kayla makes it impossible for you not to laugh, and/or cry with them. A gripping ode to womanhood; I too wish someone had told me the scented soap thing earlier!” – Desree, author of I Find My Strength In Simple Things

"Kayla writes with a beautiful burning pride for all that she is as a person. Their work often gives raw, passionate insight to her experiences as a Queer, Jewish, neurodiverse person existing in all the joy and rage that that brings. Same Story reads as an intimate poetic journal that is comforting to anyone navigating the 'young person' to 'adulthood' journey looking for strength in our shared experience of life. The type of poetry book that invites you in and wants to be kept close to the chest, never shying away from honesty that is both delicious and devastating." – Caz Teague, author of Good Earth

"Synonyms for the word ‘bold’ include heroic, fearless, intrepid and dashing. Kayla is undoubtedly all of the above. Same Story, however, cannot be tied to one adjective; it is more than any of us would dare to say." – Bethany Down

"Kayla invites you into the deep recesses of her psyche with generosity and lyrical intensity. Sometimes caustic, sometimes romantic but always searingly honest, Same Story is an incendiary foray into modern womanhood. I was awed by its intimacy." – Deli Segal